How to Talk About Financial Goals with Your Partner

If you’re like most of the people buzzing around the Hive, you’re looking for a safe space to talk about finances — and you’re excited about breaking the money taboo. Sometimes it feels easier to talk about your financial goals with members in the Hive than with the people closest to you. We hear you: Talking about money isn’t always easy — it’s one of those subjects that can touch raw spots and lead to feelings (or topics) we usually avoid.

When you’re ready to bring up financial goals with your partner, it helps to have a plan. Analyze your beehavior together to achieve your goals — and set future milestones. Consider the following suggestions:

  • More honey, less sting: The Hive motto applies to your relationship, too.

  • Listen: Agree to be open and honest with each other about your goals and feelings. Give each other time to speak and use active listening to really hear what your partner is saying.

  • Accept differences: It’s okay to have different approaches to money, separate goals, and still agree to work toward financial freedom together. Not everyone views money the same way. For example, you may be focused on the future while your partner dwells on the here and now.

  • Make a plan: Record your financial plan together — and allow it to evolve as you discover new insights from your Hive community.

  • Stay flexible: Finances can change, so it’s important to keep communication open and adapt to new situations.

  • Keep talking: Set aside time each week, month, or quarter to assess your situation together. Are you on track? How can you modify or update your plan to reflect your goals? Are there life events or changes you need to prepare for?

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  • Which tips resonate with you? Is there anything you’d like to add?

  • How do you and your partner differ on financial planning goals?

  • Is money something you discuss openly with your partner? Or does the subject still feel taboo or emotionally loaded?


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